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Iced Café Frappé

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We have been busy packing up boxes this week, ready for our move out of our old house into a new one. I have managed to do most of the kitchen, but have left out some vital tools, like my blender, that I know I cant substitute with a fork! And as the sun was shining from a beautiful blue spring sky, I felt the need for a cool refreshing beverage, all be it a caffeinated one. So I whipped up a delicious Café Frappé and was instantly given the promise that summer must arrive soon!

I use frozen coffee cubes instead of regular plain ice, as I hate when you get half way through your drink, and it gets all diluted with stale water! Instead of getting weaker, my recipe gets stronger!

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Makes two drinks

For the ice cubes: make roughly 300ml fair-trade coffee of your choice, and pour into ice trays, or one ice cube bag. (there is enough coffee cubes for 4 frappés, just freeze the rest for later, or have a double!)

For the Frappé:

300ml fair trade coffee

2 scoops of vanilla ice cream ( I used Cornish ice cream with golden syrup!)

8 coffee cubes, crushed

2-3 brown sugar cubes


The day before you get a Frappé craving, or 4 hours before, make up your coffee cubes.

When the coffee cubes are good and frozen, prepare your Frappé by making 300ml strong coffee. Dissolve the sugar in the coffee whilst still warm. Taste to see if it needs more sugar, but remember the ice cream is going in next. Crush 8 or so coffee cubes. I do this by putting them in a freezer bag, and smashing them up with a heavy pan! Divide the crushed ice between two glasses. Pour the cooled coffee into a large jug and add the ice cream, blend until a nice layer of foam has formed on the top. Pour into the glasses, and enjoy!

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8B0A6237 copy


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