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About Camera & Clementine

Camera & Clementine is a vegetarian* food blog, run by me Anna Pettigrew. It was founded on the principals of using healthy and seasonal produce in the kitchen. Most of which during the summer months I grow myself. My love of beautiful food and cooking, combined with my skills as a photographer motivated me to start this blog in 2013, and it is my hope that it will inspire others to cook and eat seasonally as well as grow their own and forage for wild food. I have roots both in Denmark and in Scotland where I currently live and work as a photographer and recipe writer for cooking and gardening magazines. I have been lucky enough to have traveled extensively around the world and eaten some really weird as well as magically wonderful food along the way, something that I think is reflected in my ‘world’ cooking style. I like to have fun with my photography, which results in my food photographs being a mix of colourful and rustic images. I shoot using a …