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Homemade Lamb Stew – For Dogs!

homemade dog food

Ok, this isnt for you to eat..But ever since we got our German Wire-haired Pointer back in October 12, I have been thinking about making my own dog food for him. For me the link between health and the quality of the food you eat is very apparent. And the same is true for your pets health. Just because they will eat anything, doesn’t mean that it wont harm them. Food is life’s building blocks, its all our body’s have to renew and repair our cells with, so for me it is important to eat organically in order to get the most nutrients from my food. If I feed my pooch with healthy real food, oppose to the animal derivitive mush you get from the shops, I think he will sincerely benefit from it, and trips to the vet may be a thing of the past.

I am currently feeding Rufus an all dry diet of kibble from a company who I know is ethical, and uses real meat, but he is a sucker for wet food, and since he is a little on the skinny side I’m eager to get him to eat all his portions.

When I become a millionaires, I will for convenience sake feed him Lily’s Kitchen dog food, the gorgeous hand drawn packaging alone is worth the expense, but in the mean time here is a recipe if you ever need to make your own!

germain wire haired pointer dog

Makes about 5600g of dog food, roughly enough for two weeks for a large dog if mixed with kibble, or a week if not mixed. Decrease the portion to suit your needs and size of dog.

(my dog at 30kg gets 400g homemade food a day plus 300g dry kibble.)


3300g mixed lamb, for protein

1 liter water

250g peas, for vitamin K1, and folic acid

200g potatoes

250g carrots, rich in minerals as well as vitamin A

250g ground flax-seed, for omega 3,6,9 as well as zink, vitamin B and magnesium

250g pearl barley or soup mix, for fiber

250g lentils, for protein and iron

200g apple, for natural sweetness, antioxidant and vitamin c

100g blueberry’s, natures hero full of vitamin c, vitamin e and is an anti inflammatory

1 tbsp dried nettle, aids kidney function

1 tbsp dried mint, good source of calcium and iron

1 tbsp kelp, rich in iodine good for hair and nails

1 tbsp turmeric, anti inflammatory

1 tbsp aniseed, aids digestion

1 tbsp fennel seeds, for copper, iron, calcium and potassium

1 tbsp cinnamon, regulates blood sugar levels and is an anti fungal

1 large bunch of parsley, rich in antioxidants and aids digestion and good breath

a dash of olive oil, hemp oil or flax-seed oil, for omegas


In a large soup pot, heat the oil and brown the meat for a few min alongside the fennel seeds. Add the chopped carrots and the rest of the spices as well as the kelp. Next add the water, diced potatoes, peas, lentils, soup-mix/pearl barley and grated apple and stir. (be sure to discard the apple core as apple pips are not good for dogs) Simmer with the lid on for 30-40 min, stirring occasionally. Finally add the parsley, blueberries and flax-seed and mix in. Take of the heat and leave to cool, before serving.

Store in the fridge, or freeze in individual containers for ease.

dog eating

dog empty bowl

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