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Warm Salad of Kale, Sweet Potato and Quinoa

  Warm Salad of Kale, Sweet Potato and Quinoa   Each month I write for Kitchen Garden Magazine (check it out here) where I create recipes that follow the gardening seasons. It’s a process I really enjoy, as I eat and cook with the changing seasons in mind every day. It comes naturally to me, maybe because I grow a large quantity of our food myself, and I am therefore in tune with what vegetables are in season. When I started this blog, I divided the blog categories up into seasons, making it easy for readers to, at a glance, find recipes that feature vegetables readily available here and now. And that still stands. This recipe I am sharing with you today has the slow changing season from summer to autumn written all over it.  A warm salad of Kale, Sweet Potato and Quinoa with Toasted Hazelnuts and an Orange Balsamic Dressing. If you are interested in learning more about eating seasonally and locally, then stay tuned, as I am preparing an Eat Seasonally Guide which will be posted …


Green Vegan Spinach Crépes

A friend of mine has recently started on the Hay Diet. Not for weight loss, but for general well being. I’m not overly familiar with the rules, but I do know that mixing protein and carbohydrates, is not allowed. So the other day, whilst her husband served up a big batch of pancakes, she couldn’t have any, as the egg and flour combination is off the menu. I felt a little guilty tucking in to the warm sweet desert, (but not guilty enough not to have any!) so I thought I’d try my hand at making her a pancake/crépe recipe she could enjoy. I experimented with egg free pancakes, and the results where really rather good. However, I’m still not sure weather these vegan crépes are Hay friendly, as the almond milk may be to protein rich..But they are definitely vegan! And they are definitely tasty, and absolutely green! I also cut back on the amount of almond/soy milk needed by blending up a cup of ultra green spinach juice. This works amazingly well in …

apricot sorbet, Camera and Clementine

Roasted Apricot, Peach and Vodka Sorbet

Yes its still winter, and its blowing a gale. But that doesn’t mean desert is of the menu. If you are lucky enough to have an apricot tree in your garden, save this recipe for the summer. Or if you are lucky enough to live in Australia (!) then now is the season for these fabulous little stone fruits. Or so I’m told by Sam at Nourish Food Life, who is living the dream – in an orchard no less! This is a delicious and refreshing Peach, Apricot and Vodka Sorbet that a put together last summer for a magazine recipe. I made it sugar free, and sweetened it with the help of honey and agave syrup. I also made it for ‘adults only’ by adding a dash of vodka to the sorbet mixture. This gives its a smoother more luxurious texture, as the ice crystals don’t freeze too hard. I also roasted the apricots first, before simmering them in the honey, to get them really soft and bursting with nectar-like aromas. ____________________________________________ Serves 6 12 or 500g apricots …