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New Potatoes with Spring Vegetables and Honey Lemon Dressing

lemon potatoes

New Scottish potatoes have hit the shelves in the shops recently. Potatoes that I assume are grown in poly tunnels, in order to get a head start on the short Scottish season. But I’ve still got a few months to wait yet, before my own seed potatoes are ready out in my garden. So until I can dig up some fresh tatties of my own, here is a new potato recipe to tie you over with. It’s really good served with fish, as the sweet and sour dressing really adds bite to the otherwise delicate flavours of spring vegetables.


500g new baby potatoes

3 small carrots, halved lengthways

1 leek, chopped

For the dressing:

½ lemon, zested and juiced

1 tsp dijon mustard

2 garlic cloves, crushed

6 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

1 tbsp honey

a few pepper corns, roughly crushed


leek potato

Boil the potatoes in a pan of water for 10 min, then add the carrots and leek, simmer for a further 5 min, until the potatoes are tender.

Meanwhile make the dressing by adding the lemon juice and zest to a clean jam jar, alongside the oil, mustard, honey, garlic and pepper. Screw on the lid, and shake until well combined.

Drain the vegetables and put in a large serving dish, pour the dressing on top and serve warm.


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