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Chocolate, Sea Salt and Shortbread Squares

sea salt chocolate squares
Chocolate, Sea Salt and Shortbread Squares

When I bake, I usually make a big deal out of it, with the ingredients list going on forever. But at times that task can be a little much, especially if you are in a hurry to whip up something homemade and need a sweet treat fast! At Christmas my friend Pat brought round a fridge load of superb homemade sweets and nibbles in preparation for the mass gathering we were having over the festive period. Among the delights were Pats Chocolate Squares. And I fell in love with them! They are very quick and easy to make with a no bake no fuss attitude. All Ive changed to her original recipe is the addition of sea salt for added depth and balance between the rich chocolate and crunchy shortbread.

sea salt and chocolate


225g unsalted butter

3 tbsp golden syrup

50g cocoa, sieved

300g shortbread

100g fair trade dark or milk chocolate

a pinch of sea salt


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In a pan, gently melt the butter, golden syrup and sieved cocoa powder. Meanwhile, break the chocolate into small pieces and melt over a bain marie and add a pinch of sea salt.

Take the butter mixture off the heat and crush the shortbread into the mixture and stir.

In a lined square baking tin (18-20cm) pour in the mixture and spread out evenly. Next pour the melted chocolate on top of the mixture and refrigerate for an hour.

Cut into small squares and serve.

sea salt and chocolate cake

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