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Blood Orange, Red Chard and Stilton Salad

blood orange stilton salad
blood orange

During the summer months, I eat a lot of creative salads, but in the winter I usually go for more substantial dishes. However, when you can combine blood orange, red chard and stilton, Im all for eating salads during the winter!

Juicy blood oranges can be found at the moment in the shops. I got mine in my local farm shop along side the delicious red chard, which really brightens up salads with its colourful deep red stems.

blood oranges



Serves 2

2 extra large handfuls of red chard, washed

1 blood orange

150g good stilton (add more of less to suit your taste)

2 tbsp mixed seeds, such as pumpkin and pine nuts

1 tbsp olive oil


Segment the blood orange, (here’s how) and try to capture most of the stray juices. Cut the stilton into randomly sized chunks and toss with the washed leaves, seeds and blood orange segments. Finally drizzle the renaming blood orange juice and olive oil over the finished salad.

blood orange salad

Serve with a few slices of good bread, for example this one!


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