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Upside Down Beetroot and Chive Flower Salad


During the summer time, my go to food is usually a salad of some sort. I love the fresh, crunchy textures you get from a raw salad and I find the flavour combinations are endless with all the abundance of seasonal fruit and veg available in June/July. I like a substantial salad, one that is filling and textured. I don’t like to feel that I need to fill up on bread when having a salad, so I like to incorporate loads of high fibre veg as well as seeds and sprouts.

This salad is no ordinary salad, it’s an Up-Side Down Salad! That’s right, it’s the wrong way up! It is really fun to put together, and it looks impressive. Once tried, you’ll probably serve all your salads up side down!

I decorated my dome shaped treat with chive flowers that I got at my local farm shop. They were giving away the beautiful purple flowers as little gifts to their costumers. Something that I thought was a lovely gesture. If you have any in your garden, pick them off and use them in your dishes.

I will also be writing regular recipes for the farm shop in the coming months, using many of their home grown seasonal produce. This is something I look forward to doing, as I’m very passionate about local food. Watch this space!

summer salad


Serves one

1 beetroot (raw)

1 carrot

¼ head of white cabbage

1 tbsp light mayonnaise

2 cherry tomatoes

1 radish

½ lemon, squeezed

1 tbsp raisins

½ tbsp pumpkin seeds

½ tbsp sunflower seeds

1 tbsp omega cool oil, or hemp oil

a small bunch of chives, plus flowers

Peel the beetroot and carrot and grate along side the cabbage. Chop the tomatoes, radish and chives. Add all the ingredients into a bowl and mix with the mayo, omega oil, raisins and lemon juice. Mix well until combined. Scoop the mixture into a small cereal bowl and press into place. Then place a flat plate over the bowl and turn up-side down, remove the bowl and sprinkle with chive flowers and seeds.

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