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Panzanella – Italian Summer Sour-dough Salad

Panzanella – Italian Summer Sour-dough Salad

Its hot! And its gorgeous outside! And when it’s hot for days on end, my tastebuds always hunger for light ‘salady’ type foods, that are fresh, aromatic and seasonal.

This ‘salad’ could almost be called a de-constructed Bruchetta,  and is an absolute winner if you are hungry rather than peckish, as the bread is already inside the dish. The chunky sour-dough soaks up all the rich olive oil and vinegar, and combined with fresh tomatoes from the garden, you have yourself the perfect salad.


Serves 4

1 organic loaf of sour dough bread or ciabatta

1 clove garlic, finely chopped

750g ripe tomatoes, halved

100ml organic extra virgin olive oil

2tbsp white wine vinegar

10 or so basil leaves
salt and pepper



Combine the halved tomatoes and garlic in a bowl, with the olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. Mix well using your hands to release the flavours.

Stir well, then leave the salad for 10 minutes, to infuse.

Meanwhile chop the bread into cubes, and lightly fry on a hot pan with a little extra oil, until golden. Add the hot bread to the tomato bowl, and combine well. Mix in the basil leaves, and serve immediately.


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