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Bramble Bomb Cocktail









Bramble bomb cocktail-2

Bramble Bomb Cocktail

There is a cocktail for every season – and for September I give you the Bramble Bomb. A delicious mix of fresh bramble berries, gin and syrup.

Here at Camera and Clementine I work with the seasons, even with regards to cocktails! There is always a twinge of sadness when we realise summer is coming to an end, but nature gives us gifts with every season, and for September the top seasonal gift has to be Brambles! Sweet, juicy and just beautiful to look at, they are amongst my top fruits.

I foraged for these brambles just down the lane from my cottage, adding to my love of brambles (they’re free!). Every year I collect enough for a large batch of homemade bramble jam, and found I had a little left over for a cocktail or two..perfect!

Bramble bomb cocktail-1


Bramble Bomb Cocktail

Serves 1

40ml/ 1 ½ oz gin
a squeeze of lime juice
15ml/ ½ oz monin syrup (sugar syrup)
20ml crème de mûre
brambles for garnish
sparkling water to top it up
crushed ice for one glass

  • Crush the ice, and place in a wide tumbler.
  • In a separate glass, mix the gin, lime juice and the sugar syrup together, then pour over the ice filled tumbler.
  • Next drizzle the crème de mûre over, then top it up with sparkling water.
  • Garnish with brambles.
  • Serve immediately.



  1. I haven’t been in the blog scene in a while (I posted for the first time in many many months yesterday!), but I’m thrilled to see you’re still at it. It is wrong to want this drink for breakfast? Also how do you think it’d be with vodka instead of gin?

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