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Wholemeal Waffles with Apple and Chestnut Crème


As it was the 1st day of the year today, it felt right to make breakfast a little more special than usual. I decided to, or more to the point, was requested to make a batch of waffles on my new Waffle Maker. The waffle maker was a Christmas present, and for me, the perfect gift! Included in the gift box was a small ‘how to use your new waffle maker’ pamphlet, with a few basic waffle recipes.

But none came close to the waffle memory I have from a trip taken to the U.S with my dad as a 12 year old. We were staying in a lovely 3 story wooden guesthouse, and as the B&B’s only guests we were very well looked after. The husband was a photographer, and I remember him showing me his vast collection of professionally archived negatives, stored in large temperature controlled vaults. That was for a 12 year old me, who already had decided to become a photographer when grown up, a real treat and an insight into the real world of photography. And I still carry his advice with me on how best to care for your precious irreplaceable negatives.

But the memory best relating to this post was the wholemeal waffles the wife of the house cooked for me every morning. They were truly perfect in every way – chewy, warm and wholesome.

So I have experimented with the basic plain flour recipe that was included with my waffle maker and added wholemeal in an attempt to recreate the most perfect waffles I have ever tasted.

These ones are close, but not quite like the ones from the guesthouse, they were magical.

For a helping of seasonal luxury I have made these waffles with my new favorite Chestnut Crème. If you have not yet tried this perfect sweet, you must! Here is a link to the 130 year old French company that is its maker

Apples where added for texture and to balance out the sweet chestnuts.


For 4 -5 waffles you will need

125g plain flour

125g wholemeal

2 tsp baking powder

1 tsp salt

2 large eggs

400ml milk

2 tbsp melted butter


1 tin of chestnut crème

1 not to sweet apple ( if possible buy apples from your home country, or close neighbor, to cut back on food miles)

small squirt of lemon juice


In a large bowl mix the two flours and baking powder together with the salt and sugar.

Next, mix the wet ingredients together alongside the melted butter and add this to the dry ingredients. Beat well until smooth and free of flour lumps.

Heat your waffle maker, electric or the hand held version and brush the surface with butter. When heated fully, pour enough batter to cover the pattern of the waffle maker but don’t over fill it as the batter will expand and go all over the table/cooker. Bake the waffles until golden 3-4 min.

Whilst the waffle is cooking, chop up the apple and squirt a little lemon juice on them, this is for added flavour, but also to keep them from browning.

When finished cooking, throw the apples on the waffle and scoop some delicious Chestnut Crème on top.

Enjoy, and a Happy New Year to you all!

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