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Wholewheat Focaccia with Whole Garlic, Lemon and Balsamic Onions

focaccia un baked

Wholewheat Focaccia with Whole Garlic, Lemon and Balsamic Onions

I am the very happy owner of a super Panasonic bread machine. I prefer to make and eat homemade bread, made with locally processed organic flours, but I also like to free up some valuable time, so getting a machine to kneed, rise and bake the bread for me is a kitchen revelation!

focaccia ingredients

This recipe is a very simple Focaccia recipe that can be made by hand or via your bread machines dough setting. I have made this particular recipe using 50% wholewheat for a little extra nutrient value, but if you prefer the more authentic version, simply make with 100% strong white flour and reduce cooking time by 5 min.


Focaccia dough

½ tsp dry yeast

150g strong white organic flour

150g strong wholewheat organic flour

1 tbsp olive oil, plus extra for greasing

1tsp salt

170ml water


Focaccia Topping

1 small onion (red or white)

1 tsp balsamic vinegar

2 tbsp olives

6 cloves of garlic, skins left on

2 sprigs of rosemary

juice of half a lemon

1 tsp rock salt

glug of olive oil


If you are using your bread machine, follow the machines dough method.

If you are making the dough by hand, start by dissolving the yeast in the water. Add the two flours and salt to a big mixing bowl and make a well in the centre, add the water and oil and gradually incorporate the flour to create a firm dough. Kneed for 5-10 min.

Rest the dough in a warm spot for 35 min in the bowl covered with a clean tea towel.

wholewheat focaccia

Meanwhile make the topping. Chop the onion and soften with olive oil in a frying pan, then add the balsamic vinegar and reduce.

Take the pan off the heat and chop the olives and de-stem the rosemary.
Remove the dough from the bowl or machine and lightly need. Grease a 25 x 25 square baking tin and press the focaccia dough into it. With your index finger, make deep indentations into the dough and add the onions, olives, whole garlic, rosemary, rock salt and pour a generous amount of olive oil over the whole thing.

Cover with a tea towel, and leave to prove for 40 min.

Once risen, add the lemon juice and place the foccacia in a preheated oven at 190, gas mark 5 for 35-45 min, or until golden and crispy round the edges.

Serve warm with friends!

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