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Fig and Honey Yoghurt with Poppy Seeds and a Taste of Portugal


I am back from a most wonderful time in Portugal. The weather was magnificent, gifting us with pleasant warm breezes and cloud free skys. It wasn’t easy adjusting back to the autumn weather up here in the more northern latitudes of Scotland, but I can comfort myself with the knowledge, that under this thick fisherman’s sweater, I do indeed have a tan!

The best thing about taking a trip away, for me, is forgetting all the everyday tasks of home life and work, and allowing yourself to fall into a new more relaxed routine. Our routine whilst away, was to be woken up at dawn by the local cockerel, make our sleepy way to the balcony and watch the sunrise over freshly made coffee. When I’m on holiday, breakfasts are my favorite meal, they are a chance to sample the county’s freshest produce, usually in a way which requires little preparation or cooking, and usually in its most simple of forms. I spent lost of time traipsing through local vegetable markets, and filling my basket full in the local food shops. Cooking whilst on holiday is not a chore for me, its a tremendous way of tasting a country in all its ripe and colourful splendour! And so in the afternoons, after spending the day by the pool, or on the beach, I would rush to the greengrocers to dream up the next days breakfast feast.

Nothing tastes quite as good, as fruit that is properly ripe. I don’t eat very much fruit in this country, except for apples, as I don’t think anything has any taste!

However, a tree ripened peach, or a bursting ripe fig taste heavenly beyond words.

Here is a breakfast idea for Fig and Honey Yoghurt with Poppy Seeds, using local mountain honey.

figs8B0A3012 copy

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Fig and Honey Yoghurt with Poppy Seeds

Serves 2


200ml greek yoghurt
2  figs

4  tsp local clear honey
1  tbsp poppy seeds


Simply tear the ripe figs in half, and place on top of the yoghurt, drizzle the honey on top. And finish by adding the poppy seeds for added texture.


ripping a fig

figs and honey

portugese fishing boats

portugal Louléfig treeportugal scooter


  1. Beautiful photos Anna – love the colours! The figs look wonderful too, though will have to be bookmarked until figs are in season again here… 🙂

  2. Looks gorgeous Anna. Creating delicious food is so simple using freshly picked, ripened-on-the-plant produce as it just tastes so good!

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