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Baked Breakfast Eggs with Courgettes and Dill

bagteæg baked eggs

When I get a new piece of kitchen equipment, such as these pretty little turquoise ramekins, Im always looking for an excuse to use them. And what I most often use ramekins for, are to make delicious and easy baked eggs. Yum! You can never have to many eggs in your larder, and Im lucky enough to have friends with hens, so I know exactly where these tasty eggs are from.

eggs small

This dish can either be a lazy morning breakfast for guests, or a hassle free dinner, if your not overly hungry. I like to add a bit of chilli or spinach, but for this recipe I’ve chosen courgette and dill. Serve with some hearty sourdough bread to scoop out the sill runny yolk!

happy hens


Makes 4 portions

4 organic eggs
4 tbsp cream
1/2 a courgette, sliced
a few springs of dill
1 tbsp olive oil
a knob of butter
salt and pepper to taste


  • Preheat the oven to 170°C and put the kettle on to boil.
  • Butter the ramekins and place a few slices of courgette into each, then place the ramekins into a baking tray.
  • Break an egg into each ramekin, then pour a tbsp of cream over each egg and add a sprig of dill, salt and pepper.
  • Pour the boiling water into the tray, so that it reaches half way up the ramekins.
  •  Bake for roughly 12-14 min for a still runny yolk


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